1. Two weeks is a long time to “live” in a hotel.  This is some of the best training my current employer (any employer for that matter) has provided me, but I’m ready to go home.
  2. Whenever I fly an airline where I hold no status, I will gladly pay extra for a roomier seat, pre-boarding, etc.  Paying $15 dollars for Frontier’s STRETCH seating on my flight to Denver on Monday was worth the price.  Southwest’s early bird check-in gets the same endorsement from me.
  3. I’m really starting to dig my Fidelity mySmart Cash account.  Reimbursement for using any bank’s ATM, a 1 percent foreign transaction fee on international transactions, and an Amex card (issued by FIA Card Services, normal credit approval applies) that pays 2 percent cash back if you deposit your rewards points into your Fidelity account as cash.  Check it out.