Just in case you did not pick up on today’s Twitter feed, I am aboard American Airlines 117 right now, enroute from JFK to LAX in First Class. I originally booked the flights for this trip report in the spring, but circumstances beyond my control prevented me from flying the A321T transcon service when first planned.  I’ll have a full trip report in the coming days, but I wanted to post a few thoughts now. Without further adieu, here are my three favorite things about the A321T transcon service with American Airlines.

The Seat – I can’t speak from personal experience, but I hear that the A321T F seat is essentially the same as the Business seat on the new 777-300s. Knowing that, suffice it to say I’m pretty sure how I’m getting to Europe for my next trip. While I could think of a couple of things I would improve about this seat, they are minor in the scheme of things. In short, this rocks!


The Proper Wine Glass – It’s been a bit since I’ve been served wine in a mostly proper glass on a US airline. While I find domestic first class wine to be a work in progress on most airlines, I appreciate the proper glass. Even in the air, the wine just tastes better.


The Environment – So it’s a new plane in a premium class of service. Of course, the environment is OK, but there’s more. Aside from the lack of L2 boarding, the small cabin size, attention from the flight crew, and wonderful seats, there’s more. It’s a nice and mostly exclusive environment. I like this 3-class A321 a lot.


So, there you have my three favorite things about American’s A321T transcon service. I’ll have a full trip report, and maybe even a little constructive criticism posted in a few days. Have a great weekend!

-MJ, August 16, 2014