American Airlines has introduced Your Choice, a package of “goodies” that is meant to enhance the travel experience for some travelers.  This is something akin to United’s “Premier Travel” privileges that they began selling a while back.

Basically, American will sell you what they call a Boarding and Flexibility package that includes Group 1 boarding, standby for an earlier flight, and a $75 dollar discount on the typical $150 dollar change fee.  Pricing will vary based on length of flight, but according to American will start at prices as low as $9 dollars (per person) according to American’s press release.  Additionally, American plans to introduce the ability to purchase Group 1 boarding on its own later this summer at an introductory price of $10 dollars per person.

I’ve never had a problem with airlines charging extra for what can legitimately be considered a “plus up” to the travel experience.  I put more than one checked bag, edible food, and cocktails in that category.  I don’t even have an issue with selling early boarding as long as it doesn’t impact elite status members AND American has a mechanism in place to prevent the whole plane from being “Group 1.”

All in all, this really doesn’t impact me as I’m already elite on American.  I suppose it might be a way to make a few bucks.  I know I’d pay 10 bucks to board early any day of the week if I knew the flight was full and I wanted to carry on luggage.  But one has to wonder, what else is left to charge for?