Well, that was a week. ATL-PHL-ACY (By Car)-ATL-RDU-ATL. Good times. Short hops don’t do much for the mileage balance, but you get to clear security just as many times. A cure for that this week when I join none other than Delta Points for a mileage run. Good times, and live blogging along the way, and catching up with some other blog work too. Let’s look at or week that’s over.

The Week in Review

This Week at MJ on Travel

  • The Philadelphia Airport Marriott – A Not so Bad Spot if You Have an Early Flight
  • 30 Days of Boat Drinks – Amex Membership Rewards and Cruise Privileges (Resked from Last Week)
  • Three Things I Am Certain Are Going to Change at American Airlines
  • Live Blogging from Mileage Run 2013 with Delta Points

MJ, November 17, 2013