Just off Adventure of the Seas this morning. What a wonderful 2 weeks aboard a really great ship! I experienced some technical difficulties of an I.T. nature while onboard….with my computer, not the ship’s slowish internet, so I was unable to blog as much as I had planned. I was disappointed a bit, and really wishing I had preloaded a lot of posts instead of going with my cruise diary and whatever comes up idea. A rookie mistake I won’t repeat. I could have pecked out a few posts on my iPad if I really needed to. But there was something else about being technologically challenged, I was able to do something I really haven’t done in a long time – truly disconnect and get away. Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed my vacation. Maybe even enough to actually look forward to returning to work! I’m shocked too. I think I’ll do this again some time. In any event, let’s look at the week ahead.

This Week at MJ on Travel

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  • 30 Days of Boat Drinks – Backup Plan
  • Frequent Flyer – Thinking About Next Year Over the Holidays

These topics, and no doubt more, this week at MJ on Travel.

-MJ, December 22, 2013