Wishing the world well from “The Living Room” at the W Atlanta – Buckhead. I’ve almost made it to Friday, and have one more full day of team building training tomorrow in Atlanta before heading home to DC after 7pm. Since we all travel, and I assume we all work, let’s talk about that a minute. I’ve spent the last 4 days in some managerial training that has left me wiped. Seriously. Went through the typical stuff and then we were presented with a real life “problem” within our organization and teamed up with a bunch of people, some of whom I did not know, and asked to “solve” it.  Then we were to present our resolution to a member of senior management.

To say that my Myers Briggs type really popped through would be an understatement.  I’m a strong ESTJ guy, though I must admit that I’ve finally developed a few feelings in comparison to the last time I did this!  🙂 I was pared with a handful of intuitive, feeling, perceiving types. After working through the various phases of team development in the last 24 hours, I’d finally had enough this afternoon.  The task master in me reared its head.  I declared that we weren’t trying to invent the next nuclear bomb, only trying to get through our little assignment, so suck it up and let’s get it done.  It’s time to salute smartly and march. (OK, not quite that bad, but I did use the nuclear bomb analogy) In the end, things worked out and our presentation was mostly a success even if I just sat and stewed through the whole thing.

It was a great class, and I’m looking even more forward to working with my immediate co-workers tomorrow on more Myers Briggs training. But the whole exercise has just been exhausting. I’m tired. I want to go up to my room and crash, but I’ve got my day job computer charging up in the room and word searching some 3,000 pages of documents for reasons I can’t disclose, while I sit in the hotel lobby for a few minutes of social time and ramble on my blog using my personal laptop. Yes, I’m anal enough to travel with 2, but at least it’s a MacBook Air!

It’s week’s like this that make me thankful, seriously thankful, that I have elite status with airlines and hotels.  I flew first class down to Atlanta while paying for coach, have spent 5 nights in a great hotel that has accommodated my needs (with free wi-fi and an upgraded room from what I paid for) and I will fly home tomorrow night after a hard 5 days in first class thanks to the complimentary upgrade scheme the airline I’ve chosen to fly offers their “elite” customers. How people travel without it, I’ll never figure out.  Here’s to hoping I never have to try and figure it out.  🙂 Now, to apply some of that take charge mentality to this blog!

Note: Thanks for your tolerance of this non travel related (for the most part) post.