You read the title correctly, I’m considering a mileage run.  I know some people don’t think about them at all, they actually take mileage runs all the time.  But I’ve never been a real pro at it.  Mileage running has its own cottage industry, so there must be something to the practice.

Long-story short, I am currently AAdvantage Platinum, and I would like to stay that way.  There are some fantastic fares out there right now that are proving quite tempting.  My biggest dilemma is whether to pad my miles balance on American, or do some runs on Delta to re-earn Medallion status with them which I sorely miss.  My flights on Delta are typically short (DCA-ATL), so I can tolerate the lack of elite upgrades.  Therefore, I’m strongly leaning towards running on American.

I’ve held two itineraries, both DCA-LAX-DCA with connections in DFW each way.  The fare is under $200 dollars all-in.  With my Platinum status on AA, I receive a 100 percent mileage bonus, and both of these itineraries are eligible for the double elite qualifying mile promotion AA is offering.  In short, just under 20,000 redeemable AND elite qualifying miles for a $400 dollar investment.  There are cheaper ways to get redeemable miles, but EQMs?  I don’t think so.

Do any of you experienced mileage runners have advice for novices?