Hi everyone! I just flew on an Alaska Airlines (Virgin America) A321 on Saturday and I really enjoyed it. Most of you all probably know that Virgin America had their final commemorative flight, VX1948 from San Francisco to Los Angeles, last Tuesday evening, April 24. Now all Virgin America flights are operated with Alaska flight numbers.

What was super cool was my A321 (Reg: N927VA) was only a month old. Sad that Alaska is going to change the brand new interior by the end of this Fall.

Flying just 4 days after VX’s commemorative flight, I was curious how much would have changed. Thankfully, not much really changed yet!

The Virgin America Safety Video Is Still Playing?!

You betcha! My eyes lit up when they played the Virgin America Safety Video! I like the production value of the current video, but the old-school me still very much loves the classic cartoon Virgin America Safety Video from 2008.

The Red In-Flight Entertainment system is still intact (kinda) with full movies now (yay!) but no live TV. Also, snack and drink ordering is disabled (sad!).

Midterms are coming up but I’ll try to have a full review up on my Virgin America Main Cabin Select errrr, “Alaska Airlines Premium Class” very soon!


Happy Travels,