I knew this would happen.  My usual travel break that happens right around this same time every year is already getting on my nerves.  I love being home, but I could deal with a little more time out of the office.  And no, that’s not meant to be a slam on the people I work with.  Just a fact of life.  I’d rather work outside the office than in it.  Oh well.

Things to blog about….let’s see.  We’ve just ended one of the sorriest airline earnings periods ever.  A boatload of net losses, large portions of which were due to airlines getting caught on the wrong side of fuel hedging.  Too bad they didn’t get on the bandwagon earlier than they did.  But then again, it wasn’t that long ago that all the “analysts” were saying oil was going to go higher forever, so I suppose hedging at $110 a barrel and up didn’t seem like such a bad deal at the time.  What a difference six months makes.

Delta Air Lines fliers can now transfer their miles to/from Northwest Airlines accounts.  Click here to register your accounts.  Too bad that I don’t have any Northwest miles!

US Airways has applied for authority to fly between Charlotte and Rio de Janeiro.  I’ll watch that one with interest if they get the route.  Charlotte is one of my favorite cities, but I am not convinced that there’s a large market there for South American travel.  Yes, Charlotte is US Airways’ biggest hub, and yes, they can flow a lot of connect traffic onto the flight…but still.