Lots to do this week!  Looking forward to the weekend and the Flyertalk Chicago Seminar DO.  The Chicago seminar is apparently just about the biggest get-together in Flyertalk history, and I’m looking forward to being there, and learning more tools and tricks to travel better.  If you’re attending, be sure and say hi at the Saturday evening Meet the Bloggers event, or at anytime during the weekend.

As excited as I am to be attending the events in Chicago, my thoughts are on work right now.  I’ve got lots of it, all magnified by the fact that I turn around after the weekend and fly to Denver Monday morning for 2 weeks of training.  I will remain in Denver over the following weekend and not return home until October 29th!  I’m looking forward to what I’ve heard is some of the best management training around, but I’m not really looking forward to being away from home for 2 weeks.  I’d probably be a little more excited if I were flying an airline I frequent and staying at a hotel chain I like, but alas, I’m out of luck on those 2 points.  Flying Frontier for their nonstops from DCA (though I like them just fine) and spending 2 weeks at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, Colorado.