Another week, another trip.  After this week, I’ll have my usual spring business travel hiatus.  I could use a few days at home, but it feels kind of odd to not have any travel booked until April!  That said, I fully expect something will come up before then, I just don’t have it booked yet.

In any event, this will be a short week.  I fly down to Dallas (DFW) on Wednesday and come back Friday afternoon.  American Airlines is my provider of transportation this week, and I’ll be staying at the Embassy Suites DFW South (again).  I’ve already reviewed the ES DFW, so I won’t post a full review unless something special happens.  Fingers crossed that my upgrade clears on the way down.  But I won’t be doing the gate dance for the return on Friday.  Anticipating very full inaugural-bound flights on the return, I parted with a few AAdvantage miles and confirmed my upgrade for Friday night.  That’s a borderline waste of miles, but at least it’s a dinner flight, and after the few days I expect to have in Dallas, I suspect I’ll need a drink (or drinks) on the way home!  Thanks for reading.