in the world’s longest line. πŸ™‚ We’re flying US Airways from DCA to FLL this morning. We muddled through the crowd to find the First Class/Star Gold queue to find the line snaking back towards the next counter. One agent was working. After not moving for 10 minutes, I decided to try the SkyCap. Long line there too, but it was moving every so often. After 20 minutes, I finally figured out that if we were to have any chance of getting our bags checked in the next hour, I would have to flag down one of the SkyCaps and ask for assistance while waving money. And that I did. Bags checked in under 5 minutes. Some poor coed was in line ahead of us, and obviously didn’t travel very much. We flagged down another SkyCap to help her, and then we were on our way. As fate would have it, the TSA was the smoothest operation on the airfield this morning, and we were through security in 5 minutes. I’m writing from the DCA US Airways Club, our flight is on time, and here’s hoping our bags make it!