My friend DeltaPoints emailed a video clip today. It seems the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified the culprit behind the Norovirus outbreak aboard Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas last week as the GIII.4 Sydney strain.

Interesting name for a virus, but even more interesting to me was an article quoting the CDC virologist who tested the samples from Explorer of the Seas.

“The norovirus is a very democratic virus –- it affects everybody,” said Jan Vinje, the head virologist who tested the Royal Caribbean germ samples in the CDC’s lab. “If we look at the land outbreaks, the cruise ships make up less than 1 percent [of the cases].” (bold emphasis mine)

I’ve always known the media hype was overblown when it came to Noro and cruising, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone outside the industry say it too. When it comes to cruising, I’ll keep following my own advice….and look forward to enjoying my next cruise.

-MJ, February 7, 2014