the cruise sucked.

How can all that be so good, but the cruise so bad? We had the worst dinner table companions in the history of mankind. We should’ve asked to be reseated after the first night, but felt that it couldn’t be that awful…the cruise was only 3 nights! Big mistake. Between food throwing, racial slurs, and one throwing up on the table, it was not the greatest trip ever.

There was a family of 8 and us assigned to the table. We weren’t wanted, and I guess they thought they’d show us. It was like dining with the Sopranos complete with Tony, Carmela, Meadow, and Meadow’s boyfriend, AJ and the cousins. All we lacked was Uncle Junior.

Moral of this story….if you are on a cruise with assigned dinner seating, and things aren’t working out between you and your tablemates, get a new table assignment! I guess we were a little naive, and probably lucky that this hasn’t happened before. Oh well…life goes on. We cruise again in November.