A recent New York Times article tells of how the Stanley Hotel, in Estes Park, Colorado, continues to work on its marketing and play off the popular Stephen King novel and movie “The Shining” which gained its horror classic inspiration from the hotel. More specifically, from a nightmare King had while staying at the Stanley in 1974.

King released the story in 1977 as his third published novel. The Kubrick film followed in 1980.

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From ghost tours to novelty items in the hotel gift shop, there is no bloody corner of the hotel that isn’t geared to the story inspired by it. And now, even the infamous hedge maze that was the star of the final scenes of the movie can be explored at the Stanley Hotel, even though it is only waist high.

The Shining hotel

No getting lost in the Stanley Hotel’s maze, but fun nonetheless.

The article states:

On a recent day, about 20 girls from a Colorado youth group had gathered by the maze for a ghost tour led by Aidan Brady, a 23-year-old in a dark suit, with dark glasses and a floppy George Harrison haircut. One of them, Flor Arellano, 14, said she was thoroughly impressed by the maze. “Right away, it’s going to give you the shivers,” she said, “and then you’re already ready for another scare inside of the hotel.”

Has anyone visited the Stanley Hotel?
Does staying in a spooky or haunted hotel bother you (
as it does some)?

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