Points, Miles, and Martinis recently reviewed the latest edition of the Fly Delta App for iPhone. I like the Fly Delta app and use it religiously to manage my Delta flights, boarding passes, etc. However, one thing I’ve noticed since the latest update was introduced – it runs iPhone location services ALL the time. I ran a little test just to verify my suspicion that the Delta app was the cause. As you can see in this screenshot, iPhone location services is running.

photo (1)


I went to the location service menu and found the Delta app active in location services even though I had verified that the app was completely closed down.

photo (2)


I turned off location services for the Delta app, and look what happened.

photo (3)


For the record, I do not think Delta is tracking my whereabouts by the second! 🙂 Not that I’d care if they did. Or maybe they are tracking me to alert the bartenders when I walk into the Sky Club? I am kidding!!!! 🙂 I expect this is an issue with the app, or perhaps even just my installation. I remember a similar issue when Starwood introduced their iPhone app that was fixed shortly thereafter. It does negatively impact battery life on my already battery challenged iPhone, so I hope Delta takes a look at this soon. I really do like the Delta iPhone app, and its recent updates make it even better minus this one little problem. Anyone else experiencing this?

UPDATE: At the suggestion of reader Andy, I deleted the app, then reinstalled it. This seems to have cured the problem of driving location services 100 percent of the time.

-MJ, July 4, 2013