I just thought I’d kick this post off with that catchy headline. I’ll say it again, the frequent flier sky is not falling. I know it’s hard to believe given this week’s announcement from US Airways that they are eliminating the 500 mile minimum and now flights will only earn the amount flown. In other words, the 200 or so mile Shuttle to LaGuardia will now only earn 200 miles instead of 500 miles. And there always seems to be some pundit preaching about how the confluence of tight capacity and high demand have whittled away at frequent flier seat availability. And my favorite is when the news shows interview some slouch at the airport who complains about having x number of bazillion miles that they can’t use. And I always think to myself, “that’s because you’re not trying!!!”

Perhaps I’m the luckiest SOB on earth, but I have to tell you something. I have never failed to redeem frequent flier miles for the award I’ve wanted. Yes, you read that correctly. NEVER. I’ve flown first class around the country and across the pond on miles. Other times, I use miles to upgrade tickets that I purchase…..and earn more miles!

Just this week, I took a look at availability on United from IAD to London. While I couldn’t find seats on every single flight, there was no shortage of availability at the “restricted” level on the days I wanted to fly. I’ve had even greater luck with American AAdvantage, and that’s one reason why I continue to stick with AA and the AAdvantage program. Of course, my having worked there for 10 plus years provided me with some insight into how the program works that others might not have. But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence out there to support that American has the best award availability of all the airlines.

In any event, I just felt like blabbering. I’ve had enough of the world is ending for frequent flier miles posts and wanted to say something. Pick the program that works best for you and start earning miles.