If you saw my blog on the new Fly Delta app for iPad, you could be forgiven for missing my mention that Delta also released a sharp-looking update for their iPhone app last Friday as well. In fact, I found the iPhone update before finding out that a new iPad app was in the offing. One improvement I had long hoped Delta would make to their iPhone app was the ability to view more details about my SkyMiles account like elite qualifying progress and individual transactions. With Friday’s update, I got that, and a lot more.

The fresher looking home screen includes the information it always did, this time with your SkyMiles number and balance displayed, but rotating back and forth with your Medallion status.

The home screen feels familiar, but there’s also a new “My Delta” option that offers a lot more information than has been there in the past.

The number one thing I wanted from the Delta iPhone app is now there, more detailed information on my SkyMiles account. Clicking on My SkyMiles you’ll now find your annual elite qualifying progress and details on individual mileage transactions.

There are additional options from your My Delta screen as well, such as viewing upcoming itineraries, your profile, and your wallet. Yes, you can even update your stored credit cards via the iPhone app now.

Any of the essential things you might want to add or update like address, telephone, and even your secure flight information can now be updated via your iPhone. Travel and special service preferences can even be taken care of here.

Booking flights appears to be as clean and simple as the iPad app. I’ve yet to book a Delta flight from my iPhone, but certainly would not mind doing so, especially when it’s as easy at looks on the Fly Delta app. Finally, Delta also introduced Passbook compatibility with this update. According to Delta, updates to their Android app will be forthcoming in early 2013. Overall, I am pleased with these latest technology improvements from Delta. Wonder what else is in store in 2013?