Michelin stars are symbols of fine dining quality, bestowed upon restaurants after food reviews by the anonymous Michelin staff.

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In the 2017 Michelin Guide, a single hotel in Europe is home of not one restaurant with Michelin stars, or even two. All three of the hotel’s restaurants have been awarded Michelin stars. Seen as the epitome of culinary excellence by many, Michelin stars are such a huge deal that chefs have reportedly cried when losing them and others work nonstop with the hope of getting even one.

The winning hotel with three Michelin starred restaurants? The Four Seasons Hotel George V, with 3 stars at restaurant Le Cinq, 1 star at restaurant Le George, and 1 star at l’Orangerie.

With a total of 5 stars collectively, for many foodies the hotel is a destination worth the trip just to enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants.

Have you eaten at a Michelin-starred restaurant before? If so, was it worth it?