Yes, I’m genuinely pleased  that US Airways is going to have its Grand Slam promo again this year. As you’ve read on the blog, I’m dabbling in Dividend Miles again after a several-year hiatus, and it’s kind of fun. More details about the promo have slowly surfaced as covered over at Mommy Points and View From the Wing. Apparently, the promotion will run from September 14th to November 14th, and you will be able to register at when the promotion becomes available.

You’ll be able to earn “hits” from up to 6 different hotel stays. I’ve already switched my Hilton HHonors “My Way” choice from “points and points” to points and miles, and I’ll do the same for Marriott stays during the promotion period as well. Could this be the straw that finally breaks and forces me to check in and out of more than 1 hotel in a multi-day stay in the same city? (I know, I’m ashamed that I haven’t done so yet!) Favored car rental profiles have been updated to reflect US Airways as my rental reward partner of choice. Just so happens that September is shaping up to be a big travel month for me with plenty of hotel stays and car rentals planned. Assuming everything pans out, Grand Slam could be very good to me.

One wrinkle this year is that to get your 40th “hit” in the promo, you will need to be a US Airways preferred member. That little requirement makes it a virtual certainty that I will be trying US Airways Preferred status on for size in a few weeks. Admittedly, I’ll need to do the math on the payoff for US Airways’ “Trial Preferred” program fee versus what I’ll be receiving for that 40th hit, but I’m just about ready to pull the trigger. Is US Airways going to win a customer out of this? Maybe so. I’ll keep you posted along the way.