…..and I only have to wait 49 more days before boarding her for a 14-night cruise! If you can’t tell, I’m a little jazzed about this cruise! Seriously, if you’re the least bit interested in ships, or just about anything mechanical, the process of getting a ship from the yard in Papenburg to sea is interesting to watch. Celebrity has been placing photos on their Facebook page from time to time today. Basically, the ship is towed backwards from the ship yard to the bay, a journey of around 36km according to Wikipedia (so it must be true).

Each of Celebrity’s now 5 Solstice Class ships was built in Papenburg, and each had to take the same route to sea, an event which always seems to attract a lot of onlookers. I know I’d be there if I could! Here’s a little random footage of the same process featuring Celebrity Silhouette from last year.