You read it here folks, Delta has managed to turn the awful space that was the Atlanta B-10 Sky Club into something nice.  It’s still not huge, but they’ve really opened up the space and improved it beyond what I thought possible.  If I were traveling with something besides my iPhone, I’d snap a few pictures.  I may anyway if I can catch the right light or a break in the crowd.

The check in desk and the flight assistance desk are now one, and staffed with 3 agents when I arrived.  Don’t know how that will work during peak periods, but seems fine this Sunday morning.  The whole lounge has been opened up, and there are really are no walls from the door all the way to the bar which is to your left when you enter.  The bar has seats and there’s a side “bar” along the window looking out on the ramp that is equipped with power outlets, which is where I’m sitting now.  The bathrooms have been transformed from closet like to multiple unisex water closets, which are clean, well lit, and frankly..nicely done as far as bathrooms go.

Next time you’re passing by the B-10 Sky Club, there won’t be as much of a need to frown.  I think it could stand to be a bit larger, but I’m guessing Delta did the best they could with what they had.  And they really did do a good job.  Delta’s B-10 Sky Club at ATL gets the MJonTravel seal of approval.

Edited to Add:  They have several bottles of champagne (well, Chandon) in the B-10 club, left over from the grand opening.  When it’s gone, that’s it.  Get your mimosa while you still can!  Delta, can you add a little sparkling wine to the available beverage menu?  Mimosas are kind of nice in the morning.