Perched high in the Swiss Alps is a luxurious hotel. As is common with high-end properties it offers room service. The views are stunning, the sheets have super-soft thread count, and the bedside lamps give off a warm glow.

What makes this property very unique is the fact that there are no walls….or ceilings…or doors for that matter.

While other hoteliers try to outdo one another with four, five, or seven stars, this hotel is the first to be proud about having zero. Called Null Stern, the translation from German literally means “no stars”, as their contact page quips that the only star is you. They took away all the unnecessary things (like four walls), and the only thing left is the guest and the experience.

After carefully flattening land on the chosen spot nestled in the mountains, a guest room floor, single wall, bed, nightstands, charging outlets and lighting were added.

The result is an open air hotel room called the Alpine Room that offers unparalleled views of the mountains from the coziness of your bed.

Photo credit: Null Stern

Photo credit: Null Stern

There are no noisy neighbors (unless some sheep happen by with tinkling bells), and the air is the freshest you’ll find.

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A butler stays in a nearby cabin and brings you dinner and local specialties for breakfast, which you get to enjoy in bed, of course.

Photo credit: Null Stern

Photo credit: Null Stern

For the curious, a public bathroom is a short 5-10 walk away.

Imagine the nighttime views of the starry sky!

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The only problem seems to be availability, as there is just one room. Since the hotel opened in 2016 it has consistently been booked solid so Null Stern is reportedly working to add more locations. You can add your name to the waiting list here.

Sure, you could cut costs and sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag, but a plush hotel “room” with cushy pillows in the middle of no where sounds pretty dreamy. Even for backpackers this sounds like a really fun splurge.