The European airlines are generally a lot further behind when it comes to inflight connectivity than those in some other parts of the world. British Airways are just beginning the testing of the service on a few aircraft.

In addition, there have been some new comments made on the forthcoming Club World seat upgrade. These also extend to how the new First Class is happening, so read on.

Wi-Fi Testing

Many aircraft have been fitted with wireless Internet at British Airways, however the testing has only just started. There is one standard Airbus A320 and an Airbus A320neo operational out of Heathrow, G-TTOE and G-TTNC respectively.

Another Airbus A320 is working out of London Gatwick, this being G-GATK. The system becomes available once the aircraft is over 10,000 feet so keep an eye out for those. I have not yet come across any pricing for the service.

New Club World and New First Class News

Later this year, British Airways are introducing a new Club World seat. In the latest staff magazine, Alex Cruz – the BA CEO – says the new seat will feature gate to gate inflight entertainment, all aisle access, more and better storage and more privacy.

These news seats are expected to debut on the Airbus A350 later this year. For aircraft being upgraded with the new Club World seat rather than having them delivered new, they will also receive the new First Class seats. New First Class will be an improved version of the current version offered on the Boeing 787.

Overall Thoughts

It is an exciting year for British Airways, as they move generally back in the direction of making improvements rather than cuts. New Club World has to be one of the most anticipated products of the year so far.

Having Wi-Fi on short flights is going to appeal to the business traveller and the social media addict, but the pricing will decide whether there is much take up or not. Perhaps it will be offered free, like at Qantas in Australia. One can dream!

What do you think of all of this? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Tony Best via FlightGlobal.
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