Whether you call it a washcloth, wash rag, face-washer, flannel or face cloth, the small square towel is often popular for washing for faces and bodies in the shower or bath. Americans reading this might think to themselves that of course all hotels have washcloths, and I’d noticed occasionally that not all properties had them in Europe but thought it was an oversight.

Recently at a property in a Scandinavia, there weren’t any in the bathroom so I called down to the front desk to see if one could be brought up. I found out that not only did the hotel not have any, they’d made a conscious decision not to provide them any longer.

They said it helped them cut down on cost and not many guests had been using them anyhow. They had plenty of the larger sized hand towels, but no washcloths. Washing mitts, which are similar items where the hand fits inside what is essentially the same sized towel are often used in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Iran, but not in Scandinavia so there were none of those either.

I like washcloths but maybe I’m old-fashioned. I dragged one of those large hand towels in the shower, but it was so large it was comical. I travel often and somehow I missed the memo year after year that washcloths just aren’t provided everywhere outside of the United States.

To enter today’s contest to win a swag bag of goodies, leave a comment on this post about washcloths. Do you use them, and have you found yourself at a property without them? Am i the last one to figure out that they aren’t provided in all hotels?

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Good luck!