Team MJonTravel including MrsMJ and the cat herd (Oslo, MJ on Travel Legal Counsel and Mister Kitty, MJ on Travel Comfort and Sleep Specialist) have arrived at the W Atlanta Buckhead. We checked in Monday afternoon following a 7 hour drive from North Carolina. MrsMJ and I are 1 carry on, 1 personal item kind of people, but I’m sure you can envision the sight of us rolling into valet parking at the W in our Mini Cooper stuffed to the gills with clothes for the week, 2 cats, and supplies to get them through, as well as a few extraneous items related to our move.

We were assisted immediately upon arrival with our plethora of stuff by “Uncle Willie” who was without a doubt, the best bellman (I’m sure W has a much cooler sounding title for him) ever. He took us (and our cartload of stuff) all the way from the front door to check in, and on to the room. As this was the first time I’ve ever checked into a hotel with pets, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing, but I need not have been. Check in was swift and efficient, but polite at the same time. I made a “Green Choice” for a couple of nights of our 5-night stay to collect 500 SPG points each of those nights, and selected internet access as my Gold amenity. The only added complication was filling out some paperwork for our cats which only took a minute or so. The paperwork was to collect our local contact information, the name of our pets, and to advise us of the fees involved with hoteling with our pets. W charges a $100 dollar fee plus $25 dollars per day to cover cleaning costs. I have no idea if that’s excessive or not, and did not really care. We needed a place to stay, and we wanted to keep the cats with us. It is what it is, and I’m happy to pay the fee.

Within a few minutes of arrival, we were on our way to our 6th floor “Spectacular Room,” an upgrade from the “Wonderful Room” I booked. I did not snap pictures this time as our room is a little crowded with all of our various belongings inside. I’ve reviewed this hotel before, and this room is quite similar. Would it be great if it were larger? Sure! But it’s plenty adequate for our stay, and the cats have made themselves right at home. I’m sure they probably ordered room service while we were out working today! 🙂

In summary, we’ve had a very positive experience traveling with our pets and staying at the W Atlanta Buckhead so far this week. I expect the entire stay will be just as positive. This is a great hotel that I’ve enjoyed visiting during my various business trips to Atlanta over the last few years. If you need to travel with your pets, consider W Hotels. They’ve always been awesome, and the ease of this trip makes W even more awesome in my book.