I received an email from US Airways this afternoon offering a 90 percent bonus on purchased Dividend Miles. The email states “We’ve specially selected you to receive a 90% bonus. All you have to do is buy miles May 1 – 15, 2012, and you’ll automatically receive your bonus. This offer is exclusively for you and is non-transferrable.”

I’m not a fan of buying miles historically, but certainly would consider doing so if I had a specific award in mind and needed the miles to top off my account. Since this offer appears to be highly targeted, this post is more of an FYI, check your inbox and spam filter thing than a run and register for this asap deal. Nonetheless, the registration link is here if you wish to check it out. Again, YMMV.

Just prior to posting, I did a quick scan of Boardingarea to see if anyone else had posted about this. I see Points, Miles, and Martinis was targeted for the same offer. Good comments there too. Seems some others may be targeted for an 80 percent bonus. Feel free to share your experiences here.