I debated with myself on whether to post about the exciting Target REDcard. First, it’s seen enough press. Second, I’m a junior varsity innovative spender strategist. Finally, I already have had a BlueBird account that I’ve gotten some use from. All that being said, I’m rolling with the REDcard, and I wanted to share my reasons why.

  • I really do not like Wal-Mart, and that option has become more difficult to manage anyway.
  • I really do like Target, and I can walk to one of their stores.
  • Credit card reloads.
  • I can walk to Target. (oops, I already said that)

And that’s enough reasons. The only issue is that REDcard is not yet available everywhere, including Georgia. Should I go ahead and serve with something else, or sit tight? I’ve posted recently that I’ve taken a little break from what some of us call “the game” but I’m almost ready to get back in. The question is….should I move sooner rather than later on this, and I’ve decided to wait. I really, really, really want a REDcard. The possibilities are endless, from paying my next cruise bar bill to paying for the flights to the cruise. This is one option that I’m watching closely, has great potential, and rumor has it we may not have to wait long to procure one here in GA. Waiting has its own risks, I know, but there’ll be other options. In the meantime, I may just have to take a little detour to a Target on my next trip out of town just to experiment. I haven’t been this tickled since I figured out which Vanilla reload was the right Vanilla reload. 🙂 No matter what happens, I’m studying everything FrequentMiler has to say on this.

-MJ, October 14, 2014

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