It seems to have skipped most bloggers attention, but TAP Portugal has unveiled a few new paint schemes. The two aircraft are A330-300s that were recently delivered to the airline. These aircraft supplement the airline’s fleet of A340s and A330-200s. They celebrate two different TAP landmarks.


TAP Retro Livery

The first aircraft that was unveiled last month was their retro livery. I really like how many airlines are painting aircraft in retro liveries. American, for example, has a retro livery and their heritage airliners. I hope that more airlines start adding special liveries honoring their history. It makes for cool airplane spotting and makes #AVGEEKS like me very happy.

TAP Portugal Retro Livery

TAP Portugal Retro Livery

TAP Stopover Livery

The second special livery was unveiled last week. This livery celebrates TAP’s new stopover program. The aircraft has details depicting Portugal’s culture and things to do in the country. It is very colorful and lively, and marks an appreciated departure from TAP’s otherwise bland colors.

TAP Portugal Stopover Livery

TAP Portugal Stopover Livery

The Actual Stopover Policy

The original stopover policy was started back in June 2016. This allowed passengers to spend up to three days in Portugal without costing them any incremental airfare. The policy has since been expanded to five days. This change will kick in starting next month. I find this opportunity to be very valuable. Portugal is one of Europe’s most underrated countries. I really enjoyed my visit there a few years back. Next time I visit, I will go beyond Lisbon and its vicinity and hopefully visit Faro and Porto. For more details about the stopover policy, see this link. There are issues opening the link in Chrome.

TAP Portugal A340

TAP Portugal A340

Landing Thoughts:

I love love love special liveries. They celebrate special events, promotions and legacies. These two TAP aircraft are no exception. They add color to the airline’s fleet, and make for a treat when seeing them at airports. As I mentioned before, I hope more airlines adopt special liveries. The question now is, what will the next special livery be, and who will sport it?


What do you think? Do you like TAP’s special liveries? Which other special livery would you like to see in other airlines? Let us know!


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