In Ireland, some rail services feature standard class only due to little demand in first class. These remind me of the usual train services you get inside cities which have a single class of service.

Passengers heading from Limerick to Dublin usually have to change in Limerick Junction. The train from Limerick to Limerick Junction is standard class only, so let’s have a look at it.

Standard Class Service

The train itself usually has just two carriages and anytime I have been on board the service has been very busy. By very busy I mean to the extent that people are having to stand up for the journey.

Carriages feature seats of course, as well as luggage racks which can take smaller items quite easily. Larger items have to be kept elsewhere – usually beside you in the aisle – if you have them.

The line is not electrified so the trains are diesel powered. I find them comfortable enough for the short journey but I would recommend another carriage being added to cope with the demand.

What If You Buy A First Class Ticket?

People heading to or from Dublin and Cork from Limerick can buy a first class ticket. This means you will be in the rather nice CityGold First Class on the Mark 4 trains which are the best in Ireland.

Of course, that is only for that part of your journey. The remainder will be in the above carriage once you hit Limerick Junction. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s best just to upgrade the specific sectors you wish via the Irish Rail web site as this is the most cost effective way of doing it, rather than buying a first class ticket outright.

Overall Thoughts

Generally Irish Rail operate a reliable, clean and comfortable service throughout the Republic of Ireland. Standard class is quite fine and on longer services there is also food available for purchase.

Of course, the Limerick to Limerick Junction train here is more akin to a commuter train service within a city than an intercity service, so it is not indicative of the other standard class which is available.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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