Every week on Wednesday mornings SPG releases a list of properties with special discounts, called Hot Escapes.

Last week the usual landing page didn’t have any Hot Escapes offered, nor a note explaining their absence. There were speculations that the Marriott/Starwood merger announcement had something to do with it, that it was simply due to the holidays, or in conjunction with Cyber Monday.

Today the list came out as if there had been no lapse at all, and the number of properties is massive (509!). I can’t recall a time where have been so many hotels have been on the list. Maybe they are trying to make up for last week’s lack of Hot Escapes!

Typically I arrange all the hotels so that they are easy to read in a single list. With so many properties this time it would take too long though.

Instead, here’s a handy link to this week’s Hot Escapes list.