I’ve posted previously about my experience with Southwest’s Early Bird Check In (EBCI).  I thought I’d share the scoop on my most recent EBCI experiment.

Mrs MJonTravel and I took a trip from BWI to Columbus (CMH) over Mother’s Day weekend.  About 2 weeks before, I knew that I would be in the middle of a business trip at the 24 hour before check in point, and really in no position to check in for the next day’s Southwest flights.  Furthermore, at the 24 hour mark before our return flight, I would be sitting in the middle of a Church service and I really didn’t want to be whipping out the iPhone to check in, lest I be frowned upon by less understanding folks.

Seems to me that situations like that are exactly what EBCI is made for, so I went to Southwest.com and paid for it.  For the record, on the way out, we were A26 and 27, and on the return, A33 and A34.  I don’t think $10 dollars per person each way is at all unreasonable to ensure some peace of mind, and overhead bin space.  Flying Southwest?  Don’t forget to think about EBCI.  This is one extra fee that really is value-added.