Update- A few coworkers of mine received this email this morning so it does appear to be a staggered sending of emails. Still nothing in my inbox but spreading nevertheless.

This afternoon my wife received an email regarding a lawsuit against American, Delta, Southwest, United, Continental and US Airways. The lawsuit, that all airlines have rejected, states that the carriers listed conspired to increase fares on domestic flights between July 1, 2011 and June 14, 2018 by limiting capacity. Even though the airlines have stated their opposition to the lawsuit and have countered with their own evidence to the contrary, Southwest and American have decided to settle to simply end the ordeal. Will the others follow? Below is a copy of the received email.


Southwest has agreed to settle for $15 million while American has agreed to $45 million.  The list of fliers who took a domestic trip during that time frame would be staggering so even the promise of a payout seems hard to imagine. I’ve seen lawsuits like this in the past so I’m not sure what to make of it at first but will research more to see if the offer is worth the email that was sent. One thing that is certain is that if you accept the settlement offer by adding your information to the website, you will forfeit any opportunity for a lawsuit in the future. So if you did have a personal bone to [pick with these airlines, you may want to think twice.

As for the email, I’m not sure why my wife was targeted and I have yet to receive. My guess would be that this would be a staggered mailing to control website flow, but at this point I have nothing to back that up. I will wait to see if I receive a notice or anyone else I know for that matter, but for now I’ll simply research the settlement and wait for the remaining airlines’ responses.

Below is a bit more information on the lawsuit from the links provided in the email and a small snippet of their Q & A.




If you received an email, let everyone know.


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