Southwest Airlines has introduced a new word to the traveler’s dictionary – Transfarency. It is a cute little buzzword, but I have to say that I have benefitted from Southwest’s mostly “no fee” philosophy multiple times this year. While baggage fees aren’t really an issue for me since I rarely check luggage, I know that many travelers are not always able to travel so lightly. For me personally, Southwest’s lack of a confiscatory $200 change fee has been a real blessing.

Southwest Airlines, transfarency

I have had a Southwest itinerary booked for months that I’ve been forced to change twice because of work requirements. Had I had the same itinerary booked with another airline I’d likely be out the money because the fare simply isn’t high enough to justify paying a change fee. Instead, I’ve been able to bank the funds for future use.

While Southwest is not my primary airline, I can honestly say that I do not actively avoid flying them. Little things like reasonable rules and fees along with the flexibility to adjust your plans without getting hit by a punitive change fee means that Southwest is high on my list of airlines to shop when I need to travel. I like transfarency.

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