Like a handful of readers, I received an A-List promotion from Southwest Airlines recently. The promotion includes an instant match to Southwest A-List status through May 25, 2016. If you book and complete two revenue roundtrips or four revenue one-ways (or earn 5,850 tier qualifying points) during the promotional period, Southwest will extend your A-List status through the end of the year. Easy! I had a few Southwest flights booked in advance, all on Rapid Rewards points. These do not qualify for the promotion, obviously, but I was able to receive the benefits of A-List status on these flights.

How? I sent the great folks at Southwest’s social media team a direct message via Twitter letting them know I had some award flights in the hopper. They wouldn’t qualify for the promotion, but could I receive A-List benefits on these flights? Absolutely! They deleted and re-entered my Rapid Rewards number and like magic, I was on the A-List.

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Heart logo imagine courtesy of Southwest Airlines

Southwest A-List Status Benefits

A-Listers receive a number of benefits that enhance your Southwest travels, primarily an “A” boarding group number that ensures you’ll be among the first to board when overhead space and good seats are most likely to be available. Additionally, members receive a 25 percent Rapid Rewards points earning bonus, Fly By priority check-in and security access, and a dedicated phone number for quick access to a customer representative. Normal qualification requirements are 25 one-way qualifying flights or 35,000 qualifying tier points per year. There’s also A-List Preferred status which requires 50 one-way qualifying flights or 70,000 qualifying tier points per year. A-List Preferred members receive a 100 percent earning bonus, and best of all, free inflight wi-fi. Review all of Southwest Rapid Rewards A-List benefits here.

My First A-List Experience

My first flight as an A-List member was as expected. The best thing about it, no need to stalk the interweb at exactly 24 hours before your flight to secure a decent boarding group. I checked in via my iPhone and had TSA PreCheck, so I did not test Fly By priority check-in and security. I have more flights coming up that will offer an opportunity to test some of the other benefits.

Will I Meet the Promo Terms?

Four one-way trips (or two roundtrips) is not a lot of flying. While my currently booked itineraries are paid for with points, I fly Southwest just enough to justify moving a couple of trips over to them. Did I mention I really liked not stalking the interweb at 24 hours before my flight?

Readers who received the same promo, are you going to remain on the A-List?

-MJ, April 9, 2016