Hello from Colorado and the Red Lion Hotel Denver Southeast in Aurora.  I arrived earlier today after fine flights on Frontier Airlines.  I wasn’t thrilled about flying an airline I don’t fly often or staying at a hotel chain I don’t frequent, but things are working out fine so far.  I sprang for “Stretch” seating on my flight out, and boy was that $15 dollars well spent.  The extra legroom was very nice, as was the free Live TV.  The flight was absolutely packed, and boarding so slowly that I was very worried that I’d have no room for my carry on bag.  Our great flight attendants had taken care to save overhead bin space for those of us in the front rows of the aircraft, so all was well.

The hotel has been a nice surprise as well.  This is my second stay at the hotel, but it was operated under the Radisson flag last time.  I have a very nice corner room that is almost shockingly large, and equipped with a fridge.  Not a big deal most of the time, but since I’m going to be here 2 weeks, I appreciate the ability to store a few snacks and sodas.  All staff I’ve interacted with have been friendly and helpful.  I will post a full review of the hotel after I’ve been here a few days.

Lots to blog about, and can’t wait to tell you more about the Chicago Seminar DO.  In the meantime, thanks for reading.