This morning, Rene posted a clarification from Delta on the issue of mixed cabin awards. You likely already know the story, but in summary Delta has changed SkyMiles rules to:

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We learned from Rene this morning that if you live in…let’s say some backwater in Indiana (sorry, I couldn’t help myself and some of you will get the joke-for the record, I think Indiana is a fine place) and have to fly a single cabin CRJ, that won’t break the fare. But you cannot fly Delta One over and coach back on a single ticket…or you won’t be able to at some point. You can call now and make it happen apparently. That’s less of an issue with one-way awards (FINALLY), but knowing that Delta prices in surcharges on originating European travel, it will now cost you more $$$ even if you can find the award inventory you want. I’ll refrain from snarky comments on that.

Here’s what really caught my eye as I was reading Rene’s post.

‘When we [Delta] moved to ITA shopping last November as part of changes to the 2015 SkyMiles program, we aligned with the revenue shopping rules that align your outbound Class of Service request with your return Class of Service (if outbound trip is in the premium cabin, the return must be in the premium cabin.) This was due to technical constraints. Now with the introduction of one-way award tickets, if the customer wishes to fly the outbound in Main Cabin, and the return in Premium Cabin, they must book as two separate tickets (but it will price out the same.)”

Now, of course I’m being speculative. Of course I’m just emphasizing something that makes you go “hmmm….” without any context, and most of all I’m just throwing this out there. But it’s worth reading one more time.

“… part of changes to the 2015 SkyMiles program, we aligned with the revenue shopping rules…..”

Think about that for a minute.

-MJ, June 10, 2015

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