One of my least favorite things about traveling is renting a car. Thankfully, I have some elite status with top rental car companies thanks to my Amex Platinum Card to ease the pain. I’ve been focusing on National lately, and have had nothing but positive experiences with them. However, when I began shopping for cars for this weekend’s trip to LAX it occurred to me that this would be my first opportunity to give Silvercar a try….and I’m so glad I did. (Logo image courtesy of Silvercar)

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.51.31 PM

I reserved the car through Silvercar’s iPhone app after setting up my account using a promo code provided at the recent Frequent Traveler University event in DFW. I found the reservation process to be intuitive and quick. I booked weeks before my arrival and yesterday, I finally got to try Silvercar.

After arriving LAX, I boarded the Lot C shuttle as instructed with the app. I also notified Silvercar of my arrival via the app. Within minutes I received a text confirming I was on the shuttle. I exited the shuttle at the first stop (off airport bus/cell phone lot) again, as directed by the app. Within a few minutes a shiny new Audi A4 arrived and I was driven to the Silvercar office where my license and credit card were verified. On the way to the office, the Silvercar rep reviewed some features of the vehicle with me, including the car’s navigation system. Arriving at the office, I scanned the car’s UR code on the windshield with my iPhone, and my rental began.

The return experience was where I thought Silvercar really shined. I had plenty of time, so I stopped to refuel the vehicle. However, Silvercar offers a very attractive return fuel option if time is short – a $5.00 fee and market price for whatever amount of fuel you use. I was immediately greeted by Silvercar personnel upon arriving at the facility, scanned in, and within 2 minutes, I was in the passenger seat of the vehicle I rented being driven to the American Airlines terminal at LAX. No lugging bags to a bus with bazillions of other people stopping at every terminal.

In conclusion, I was extremely pleased with my first Silvercar rental, and I will be back for future rentals in cities served by Silvercar.

-MJ, May 17, 2015

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