OK, I’m not an attorney or any kind of financial specialist. I’m not a travel agent, consultant, or guru of any description. Nor do I comment on the financial condition of airlines, their prospects for the future, etc. That said, I can’t let the last 24 hours of rumors, innuendo, and who knows what else about American Airlines and bankruptcy pass without saying a couple of things. First, don’t fret about your miles. Miles are made for spending and you should not be hoarding them anyway unless you have a specific award in mind. Second, AAdvantage didn’t just happen. It was the first, and in my opinion the best mileage program. In almost every conceivable outcome, AAdvantage or some kind of equivalent will almost certainly be standing when the dust settles. I’ll be watching what happens just like everyone else, but I will not be losing sleep over the status of my miles as American works through its apparent financial issues. Just my opinion. Now, back to our regularly schedule programming….and mileage earning AND burning.