Their Canadian flagship property, Sheraton Center Hotel Toronto is a massive Starwood property and it has been long overdue for a revamp. With almost 1,400 rooms, updates are slated to start in November. To minimize the affect on guests, one floor at a time will be closed off (approx. 250 rooms) during construction.

The updates include upgraded wifi, which everyone will be glad for.

There will also be “new bathrooms”, and all the notes I’ve read say that in order to be more energy efficient the renovated bathrooms will have low flow toilets, showers and sink faucets. I’m all for eco-friendly, but we’ll see if the shower has enough power to do a good job. Looking forward to a great shower only to find barely a trickle of water is not pleasant.

Wall-mounted 50” flat panel TVs, new designs in the room that include richer colors, new seating, lighting, and a new HVAC system will all be improvements. The hallways will get new carpeting and also wall finishes.

The entire renovation is expected to take one year, and is part of a multi-stage update for the property. Earlier this month all the guest room windows were retrofit to offer better soundproofing as well as making the property more energy efficient.

Interestingly they will also be adding two new rooms, bringing the total to 1,373. Not sure where they’re going to pull the extra space from, maybe they’re converting some storage rooms. What do you think?