So, this is definitely one of the stranger stories I’ve seen in the last year or two of travel reading. Delta officials caught two strangers engaging in a sexual act on a flight from Los Angeles to Detroit.



Now here’s where it gets interesting. There’s a twenty-year difference in ages (48F & 28M). They did not meet before the flight. They were connecting on different flights afterwards to different destinations. But for a brief, 4 hour and 30 minute window, they had enough time to A) meet, B) chat each other up, and C) offer to give or ask for oral sex that the woman allegedly performed, while in their seats.


I’m trying to understand, but I simply cannot comprehend. What could he possibly have said to encourage this behavior that would make sense? What could she possibly have said? Have they no shame or thought to anyone else on the plane? Did they think they were not going to get caught? I guess it’s one thing to be caught in a lavatory, but this was in their seats. Which, I assume, had other people in other seats nearby, or in front or behind. I’m incredibly confused trying to imagine a scenario where it ends well.

it’s crowded.


Guest & official responses

Another passenger cited the fact that there were other children, families, and seniors, and that they should be respected, calling the act “very inappropriate in a public space”. Although this is quite obvious, it bothers me when they say it is disrespectful because there were children, families, and seniors. This line of thinking prompts me to ask if it was acceptable if there weren’t any children, families, or seniors. The correct answer is that it is inappropriate in all cases, because there were other people there, who do not want to witness public indecency. Same goes for crazy behavior such as clipping nails in your seat, or baring your feet for the world.

According to the FBI, both were cited, and could be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony.



For a lot of problems in the United States, I don’t believe the penalties are strict enough (since they are not deterring the behavior that is not good for society). I hope they are hit with a felony charge, so that maybe they (and many others) with think critically before making such boneheaded actions.


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