Apparently New York Senator Charles Schumer wants to help you ensure that you don’t lose your frequent flier miles to the big bad airlines.  According to USA Today, the Senator is calling for a federal investigation into the practice of expiring miles.  Call me insensitive to the plight of others, but if you let your miles expire, that’s your problem.

I recognize that everyone isn’t a compulsive miles junkie, but I think airlines are pretty upfront about the loss of miles after a certain period of time if you have no account activity.  It isn’t difficult to have some sort of mileage account activity from time to time which will ensure that your mileage account remains active and your miles don’t vanish.  Simply put, there’s no excuse for letting your miles expire.  If you think you can’t use them, have a heart and give them to me.  I’ll find a way to use them, and I won’t need Congress to help me do it.