As you know, London Heathrow put together an excellent Christmas video this year and happily they had a couple of great behind the scenes videos produced as well.

There are two videos, one about the costume design and travel fashion and one is about Heathrow Airport in the 1960s. I think they’re quite interesting, so let’s have a look.

Behind The Scenes Costume Design

I have a great respect for people who put together video productions, especially when it comes to doing things that need to be historically accurate. The research that goes into making them match to the time is quite extensive usually. This little video shows some of the research that went into the Heathrow Christmas video.

This is an interesting look at some of the choices made for the video, including the costume selected for Petula Clark. The fact that she is in the video for about 3 seconds yet still had a costume especially chosen for her shows the attention to detail when doing such things. It’s quite cool!

An Interview About Heathrow In The 1960s

London Heathrow in the 1960s was a very different place to today, yet in many ways somewhat the same. This video features Steve Killick MBE who has worked at the airport since 1967, which is 50 years this year. That is some career!

Considering people today tend to change careers at the drop of a hat, it is really cool to see someone who has seen it all in some respects. It’s another very short video but one worth watching, even if he points out there were no mobile phones back then! Even I knew that!

Overall Thoughts

Regular readers will know I have a keen sense of history which is why I like sharing these behind the scenes videos with you. Hopefully you will also find them as interesting as I did.

For those that experienced the era, I would love to hear if the recreations are accurate. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via London Heathrow Airport.