The interweb and the blogs get quiet on Saturday afternoon, so it seemed like an ideal time for a “Saturday Random Doodle” post. I have been having an internal debate about something so random, but so related to those of us who think of ourselves as travelers that I had to post about it. Our smart phones are integral to travel, and I am attached to mine.

I’ve had the same area code 202 mobile phone number since 2000. Thirteen years is a long time with a telephone number, but the truth is that I no longer live in DC, and there’s a less than 50 percent chance that I am ever going back. In short, I’m thinking about changing my cell phone number to something more Atlanta-centric, but I’m having a hard time parting with my 202 number. Our AT&T contract is coming up for expiration, and I am 99.8 percent certain that we are switching to a different cell phone provider. It’s an ideal time to switch phone numbers yet I think I’m going to keep my old one.Have you faced a similar decision as a result of a relocation? What did you do? Thanks for listening to my “random doodle.”