Another early morning, another early visit to the A17 Sky Club at ATL. I am admittedly a bit of a nerd when it comes to arriving too early at the airport. I blame my 10 years at the AAirline for instilling this in me. Truth be told, I like getting to the airport early. It gives me some time to relax in the club, get through emails, and work.

That said, PreCheck has changed the calculus of what time to arrive at the airport. Not much, but just a tad. My curbside to Club time this seemingly busy Saturday morning at the airport? 9 minutes, and I walked from security to the A concourse. If only I could be guaranteed that I would get PreCheck. Relax, I am at peace with a little randomness in security. Signing up for Global Entry has greatly increased my luck with PreCheck. But still, there is the chance that I will get “randomized” right over to the regular line. Therefore, I can’t automatically count on the time savings of PreCheck… I suppose I will continue to make use of the Sky Club. 🙂

Where am I headed this morning? Las Vegas and New Media Expo/BlogWorld. I will be learning things like podcasting, video, and gosh, I may even finally figure out what Pinterest is. Mamma always told me I had a face for radio, so I am probably going to get my feet wet with podcasting before you get to see yours truly starring in a MJ feature video, but I am very excited to learn some new skills. All of which are a part of my 2013 focus on building a better blog for you. Boarding soon. Upgraded, and flying Delta, so I will have GoGo. More from Vegas!