A staple of Royal Caribbean ships since the 1970’s, the Viking Crown Lounge has graced the upper decks of Royal’s ships all the way back to Song of Norway and Sun Viking. On most Royal Caribbean ships, the lounge sit up high, either around the stacks or looking down on the pools. Many appreciate the lounges because of their stunning sea views. They can be a great place to watch sail away if temps are chilly or weather is inclement. MJ on Travel has been known to enjoy a libation or two in the Viking Crown from time to time.


Well, it seems that the traditional dining room is not the only thing that’s changing with Royal Caribbean. According to this Travel Weekly article, the recent refit of Oasis of the Seas will see the end of the traditional Viking Crown Lounge on that ship. The ship’s Viking Crown has been converted into a lounge and restaurant for suite guests. In honesty, I didn’t even make it to the Viking Crown aboard Oasis’ sister ship, Allure of the Seas, until the last night of 2 weeks on board. There are just too many other things to do! However, I was struck by the views of the sea as the Viking Crown was one of a few places, other than ocean view cabins, where you could enjoy great views of the ocean. (Image of Oasis of the Seas in dry dock courtesy of Royal Caribbean)


Quantum of the Seas and her upcoming sister ships will not have a Viking Crown, but the Two70 lounge will offer great views, and fabulous entertainment too. All in all, I’m not too stressed. Things change, and there are plenty of other Royal ships that offer the Viking Crown for now.

-MJ, October 15, 2014