For a late night meal, I ordered room service at the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach.

Here’s the Room Service menu –

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 34 052413

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 32 052413

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 35 052413

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 31 052413

The menu was found in the thick hotel services book on the desk. The regular menu looked ok, but not a lot struck my fancy so I decided to mix it up and order from the kid’s menu as well.

The evening’s selections: Linguini bolognese, grilled cheese with a side of mac & cheese, and a large bottle of still water.

Tick Tock: When the order was placed I was given an eta of 30 minutes or less. It took just 23 minutes before the cart was being wheeled into the room. The total came to $70, including delivery charge and gratuity.

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 40 052413

The mac n cheese was the first to be tried. It tasted like boxed mac n cheese, but with shredded cheese added instead of powder or sauce. This made it tasty. The temperature was hot and the serving portion was just right, considering it was a side dish.

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 43 052413

The linguini bolognese was a decent sized portion and came with two different choices of cheese to sprinkle on.  The meat sauce was flavorful, and the temperature was nice and hot.

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 42 052413

The grilled cheese sandwich was good. It wasn’t burnt, there was a nice buttery flavor, and the cheese was completely melted and gooey. There was also a side of french fries that had come with the linguini, so the two bottles of provided catsup came in handy.

Ritz Carlton Palm Beach 46 052413

Because there was a nice patio with a view of the beach, this would also have made a nice place to enjoy a meal.


Utensils – ✔
Time from call to delivery – 23 minutes ✔
Temperature of food – ✔
Correctness of order – ✔
Parting thoughts – This meal was tasty, hot, and quick, and it is too bad that the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach has recently become the Eau Palm Beach Resort instead.

Overall score – 4/5

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