Some hotels are scaling back on their room service menus, or doing away with room service altogether.  But I find that I am often hungry and tired after a flight, so some good room service food is appreciated.

Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa Room Service menu –

Menu 1



Menu 4

The menu was a laminated booklet easily located on the desk.

Tonight’s choices: Buffalo Wings, Cheese Quesadilla, Banana Split, 800 ml Voss still water, Chocolate Milk.

Tick Tock: After the order was placed, it took just 25 minutes for a polite knock at the door. The total came to $62, including the delivery fee and gratuity.


I first took a big bite of the quesadilla. The tortilla was nice and crunchy, but the cheese was not melted all the way through inside. If I had called down to ask for a reheat, the rest of the food would have been cold by the time it came back. There were ample portions of guacamole, salsa, and sour cream as accompaniments so I kept eating. The water was cold and the chocolate milk was good.


Next up were the buffalo wings. They were very deep fried, and a little fatty, but the flavor was good. Not the best wings, but certainly not the worst.  A spicy red dipping sauce and ranch dressing came with them, along with some healthy looking carrots and celery.


The banana split looked good, but had a curious green liquid coloring drizzled on everything. The leaves were mint, but the green topping wasn’t mint flavored. It was sweet and had a slight chemical flavor. I checked the menu and it mentioned sauces of chocolate, caramel, and strawberry sauce, but nothing else. The sundae was ok, but I did not finish it.



Utensils –
Time from call to delivery – <30
Temperature of food – X (quesadilla wasn’t hot enough)
Correctness of order –
Parting thoughts – A little expensive, and what was the green stuff??

Overall score – 3/5