Ritz-Carlton believes that scent plays a very important role in our memories. I know the smell of grilling combined with salty sea-air and sunscreen conjures up fond memories of summer for me. I can also describe a Westin hotel by scent, same as I can the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme. If I’ve made great memories at those properties the scent will remind me of them.

Ritz-Carlton has introduced a menu of custom fragrances in its 86 hotels and resorts worldwide. All 86 Ritz-Carltons worldwide have chosen signature fragrances that reflect their individual resort and region. Special seasonal offerings will be available as well. I’m thinking gingerbread and pine trees in winter?

In addition, the first Ritz-Carlton to debut a bar that combines cocktails with scents is the Ritz in Berlin. Their new bar Fragrances is the first lounge to combine hand-selected scents with cocktails.

From their website, “Fragrances is the first bar dedicated to the art of cocktails in combination with the world of perfume and aromas. Hand-picked fragrances of renowned brands by Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain are the inspiration for the unique drinks created by bar manager Arnd Heissen. Follow your senses and escape from your everyday life at The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin. Indulge in an unique sensual experience with fragrance cocktails!”

Here are some other examples of properties providing sensory experiences for guests –

Hotel Arts Barcelona – A new floral design comprised of hundreds of flowers is designed every week and presented Thursdays at dawn. Flower Workshops are available with the artist, Donna Stain several times a year. The scents, textures and colors transform the property.

The Ritz-Carlton Washington DC – has a signature Sakura Blossom candle that is a favorite of guests. It was created as an homage to the Cherry Blossom trees given to the US Capital by Japan in 1912 as a symbol of friendship.

The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto – uses a custom-blended Green Tea fragrance throughout the resort. The inspiration came from the local region’s tradition of growing the tea.

Doha’s Sharq Village & Spa – offers a blend of mystical and ancient aromatics that guests can take home with them in different forms.

It will be interesting to see what scents different hotels have chosen. I’ll probably take a whiff the next time I’m in a Ritz-Carlton to see if I can guess some of the subtle combinations.