I have not been able to take advantage of airline lounges as much as I would, simply because I do not have the higher-end credit cards, or sufficient airline status. However, on my way back from Cabo San Lucas, I was able to tag along with a friend (thanks John!) to enjoy the VIP Lounge at SJD airport. There are two, one in each terminal, and this review is for the one in Terminal 2 near Gate 8.


Highlights: VIP Lounge, Los Cabos International Airport, Terminal 2

The service here is outstanding, although I have little to compare to. They had an adequate food spread, although nothing fancy. They had a large drink selection, and I took a Coke Light home as a souvenir. Note that alcohol was free – even the mid and higher-end things such as Jack Daniels. Typically in US airport lounges, you may find the lower end of alcohol free, and an upcharge on the rest.

There was plenty of seating space across the two floors, a pool table, some video games (such as an Xbox), and tvs. The lounge had its own internet and bathrooms, but did not have any showers or nap/sleep areas.



My friend has the Chase Sapphire Reserve, and with his Lounge Pass got access and added me as his guest. It was a smooth and speedy check in process.


View from exterior of checkin

View from exterior of checkin


Internet & Amenities

While the lounge had its own internet (named Level 2) it was quite slow – and unable to load even the most basic of web pages. I found the public internet within the airport much more useful. However, this public internet does not reach the lounge, so that was a sticky conundrum. I could enjoy the lounge, sans internet, or stay in the airport with the rest of the people, with great internet.

Thankfully, I could continue without internet by watching media previously downloaded to my computer.

The lounge had a private conference room for gatherings, phone calls, or meetings, but did not have any sort of rest area or showers.



The servers were excellent, bringing food and drink to our seats. The checked up on guests, refilling and taking away used items as necessary.


Food & Drink

I availed myself of the free alcohol, and enjoyed their small finger foods: turkey or tuna sandwiches or croissants. They also had snacks such as pretzels, nuts, carrots, and celery, in small ready-to-eat sizes.

Of the drinks, they had a range of spirits and wines, and a few beer selections. They also had plenty of juices and sodas available for guests. You could definitely fill up on the food and drink, but there wasn’t anything amazing.



I certainly hope to get a Chase Sapphire Reserve for more reasons than just the lounge access, but it is a nice addition. Refresh and relax in lounges around the world, with free drink, food, and internet. Little to no downside, but I would not pay more than a few dollars for this benefit, as I usually expect to plant myself near a gate. I would use this lounge at Cabo again, and try some other more local offerings.


Featured Image of check in from the lounge website


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